Absolute Black

Absolute Black Granite, also known as Warangal Black Granite, is a popular variety of granite that originates from the Warangal district in the southern Indian state of Telangana. It is renowned for its deep black colour and fine-grained texture, making it a sought-after material for various applications.
Absolute Black Granite is highly durable and can withstand heavy use and wear. Its intense black colour and fine grain make it a natural stone perfect for countertops and kitchen islands but also for use on facades, floors, bathroom vanities, all kinds of funerary art and exterior paving.

Finishes: This granite can be obtained in different finishes, including polished, honed, leather, caress and antique.

Gangsaw slabs 260 cm up x 140 cm up
Mini gangsaw 220 cm up x 120 cm up
Cutter slabs 180 cm up x 60 cm up
Cut to size