Silver Pearl

Steel Grey Granite aka Silver Pearl Granite, is a popular variety of granite that is quarried in Ballikurva, Prakasham District. Silver pearl has a blanch black background with Silver pearl has a blanch black background with garbled grey/steel-coloured pearls. This granite is also aka Steel grey granite due to closeness to silver metallic hue. It provides modern elegance to the exterior spaces and also elevates the kitchen area when used as kitchen countertops. Whilst, in interior use, its functional quality becomes more refined as cladding for walls and granite floor tiles. Extremely popular for headstones, garden furniture, parasol bases in leather finish.

Finishes: This granite can be obtained in different finishes, including polished, honed, leather, caress and antique.

Gangsaw slabs 260 cm up x 140 cm up
Mini gangsaw 220 cm up x 120 cm up
Cutter slabs 180 cm up x 60 cm up
Cut to size